Australian Athletics Albury – Off Leash Athletics


Off Leash Athletics Assistant Coach – Ethan Talbot

Off Leash Athletics is based in Albury NSW and offers Coaching for athletes and sportspeople of all abilities and experience aged 12 years and over. 
We specialise in sprints, sprint hurdles and horizontal jumps and can assist with your high jump. 

More than just a training session, Off Leash athletes are ‘Coached’ under the watchful eye of our Athletics Australia Accredited Coaches.

When you are ready to start training with anyone, do your homework.  Ask what Coaching Accreditation they have.  Go to a session and watch what they do.  Are the athletes being ‘coached’ or are they wandering around doing their own thing with minimal, if any, supervision?  Prospective Off Leash Athletes are welcome to come and try a session with us free of charge.

Off Leash Athletics Coaching compliments any sport at any level.  Now is the perfect time to work on your speed and general fitness with us.
There is nothing like sprint training for a full body workout that will also excite your nervous system and make you an all round better athlete.

Too many Aussie kids are leading a sedentary lifestyle which may lead to health issues now and in the future.  Off Leash Athletics is here to help get our athletes moving again and rediscover how good it feels to be out and about and exercising.

Come and join in the fun, make new like minded friends and prepare to be the best you can be.