Off Leash Athletics

Off Leash Athletics is based in Albury NSW and offers Coaching for athletes and sportspeople who genuinely want to explore becoming the very best that they can be.  Our focus has shifted from large group sessions with athletes of all ages and abilities to creating a small, dedicated, high functioning squad of athletes who desire to be their best.  
We specialise in sprints, sprint hurdles and horizontal jumps.

More than just a training session, Off Leash athletes are ‘Coached’ under the watchful eye of our Athletics Australia Accredited Coaches.

Prospective Off Leash Athletes are welcome to come and try a session with us free of charge.

Off Leash Athletics Coaching compliments any sport at any level.  What we do is relevant to many sports and not just for track and field athletes.  Apart from lawn bowls, I can’t think of too many sports where speed, power, co-ordination and positive mindset are not highly desirable attributes.

Come and join in the fun, make new like minded friends and prepare to be the best you can be.  You will get to train alongside some of the very best athletes in the area.