Sprints & Starts Coaching

Not all sprint coaching is the same.  If you want to learn how to sprint correctly, efficiently and fast we do have a suggestion for you – Off Leash Athletics sprints and starts coaching in Albury Wodonga.

Sprinters need to sprint….speed breeds speed.  One of the best ways to do that is train alongside like minded athletes and have fun doing it.  If you want to sprint your fastest, Off Leash Athletics sprint training will help you achieve your goals.


We offer a holistic approach to our athlete’s development and speed training which includes their mental approach to training and competition, plyometrics, acceleration, max velocity, speed endurance, special endurance and explosive block starts.  In a nutshell, we train hard to be our best and just as important, our athletes enjoy doing it and want to be there.  There are so many ‘how to’ videos out there, it is actually overwhelming.  In the grand scheme of things there are very few new wonder drills that all of a sudden turn you into to a gun sprinter.  What works for us is the basics that are done often and done well.  I call it ‘Paleo Performance’.  The basic ability to run, hop, skip and jump that has so many life long benefits.  Off Leash Athletics coaching will assist you with physical literacy, peer acceptance, general health and well being, bone density, strength, flexibility, co-ordination and self confidence.

Below is an example of what our sprint coaching can achieve.