Why Choose Off Leash Athletics?

Off Leash Athletics doesn’t just do the same old things because that is how we did it back in the day.  Things evolve and so have we.

As a Coach, I know enough to know that I don’t know everything.  I am happy to reach out to Mentor Coaches to get a second opinion or ask for assistance if and when the time comes.  I believe a Coach is no different to an athlete and should strive to become better wherever they can.  I continue to grow, upskill and develop new strategies, building on my knowledge base and bag of tricks I use to get the best out of my athletes.  I like to explain why we do the things we do to my athletes and enable them to grow and gain more knowledge about the sport so maybe they may be in a position themselves to keep the Coaching role going one day.  This has been the case with my son and the Off Leash Assistant Coach, Ethan.

Ethan is young and cool and captures the attention of our junior athletes incredibly well.  Ethan has gathered a vast amount of experience and is an amazing role model and mentor to our squad members.  Ethan packed a lot in to his 4 years of Little Athletics breaking numerous local and region records and medalling at State and National level.  Ethan is a great example that it doesn’t matter what age you start athletics, a sound work ethic and a commitment to training can lead to anything.

Ethan holds numerous local records across sprints, sprint hurdles, long and triple jumps, region records and titles, state titles and previously held the U16 Victorian State Little Athletics Long Jump record.  He also medalled at the 2019 NSW Combined High School State Championships claiming the gold medal in the U16 Long Jump, Silver Medal in the U16 Triple Jump and Bronze medal in the 110m hurdles.  Ethan’s most recent medal was the U18 mens bronze medal at the 2020 Athletics Victoria State Championships in the 110m hurdles.  Both myself and Ethan can’t wait to introduce the world of athletics to new squad members and watch them grow in confidence and ability.

Our dynamic warm-up is a trademark of our squad.  The warm-up has been adopted by others and used by local football teams with great success.  Our warm-up has been checked by strength and conditioning coaches, physiotherapists and other track & field coaches.  Everyone has given it the thumbs up and have been impressed by it’s content.

Our training is genuine athletics training.  There is no quick fix or miracle training.  Our goal is to develop our squad members in to high level athletes who will still be around competing when the majority of others have dropped out of the sport.  Our athletes that have stuck with it and taken their training seriously have developed in to excellent athletes.  In fact, every squad member who has trained with us for a period of time has progressed to at least State level competition with some reaching National level competition.  That doesn’t mean we expect this of all our athletes but it does go to show that what we are doing works.

We do like to have a bit of fun at training so our athletes come to training because they want to, not because they have to.  It’s not all fun and games though.  We offer genuine training that will improve your fitness, speed, technique, mobility and confidence.  We understand that athletics training isn’t for everyone.  There are no team mates to hide behind out on the track.  Track and field athletes are genuinely special.  Not only do they possess physical strength and speed but also a mental toughness that prepares them for other sports and challenges in life.

If it was easy everyone would be doing it

The only thing we ask of our athletes is they try their best and in return we commit to helping them become the best that they can be.

At Off Leash Athletics, we specialise in sprints, sprint hurdles, block starts and the horizontal jumps.  Our drills are event specific and focus on physical literacy, co-ordination and efficiency.  We don’t just doing something cause it looks pretty or everyone else is doing it.  There is purpose to what we do.

Our training sessions not only take place at the all weather Les O’Brien Athletics Precinct.  We also train on nearby ovals where the ground is softer and provides a different surface to get more out of the training session.