Squad Conduct & Expectations

Proper Behaviour

When attending training or representing Off Leash Athletics (OLA) in any way, there is an expectation that our Athletes, Coaches and Families will train or compete in a fair, sportsman like manner free from any prejudice, unlawful or demeaning behaviour.  In the event of any such behaviour, an athlete or person/s involved may be removed from the Off Leash Athletics Squad.

All persons attending an Off Leash Athletics event or training session are to treat the equipment with care, respect and use all equipment for it’s intended purpose only.  For example, a water pistol on a hot summer’s day should be used for it’s intended purpose i.e. water fights AFTER the session has been completed.  😉


It is crucial that you advise your Coach/es if you have any sort of injury prior to training or sustain an injury during training.


We do prefer to have a parent/s in attendance during training.  We love to have you involved in your athlete’s training and development wherever possible.  The kids will never admit it but they love showing off to you.


Training isn’t a fashion show.  Wear whatever you like as long as it is fit for purpose.  Layer up with your clothing, especially during the cooler months.

Footwear / Spikes

All Athletes are required to wear suitable covered in footwear.  Whilst the use of spikes may be preferred in some situations, they are not compulsory and in many instances, training in comfortable joggers is preferred.


Please bear in mind that the spikes themselves can be very dangerous and great care must be taken when using spikes.
Spikes should be inspected and tightened before use.
For the sake of wear and tear on the track surface, ‘needle’ or ‘pin’ type spikes are NOT permissible.
‘Pyramid’ or ‘Christmas Tree’ style spikes up to 7mm in length may be used for laned running events and up to 9mm Pyramids maybe used for High Jump and Javelin events.  For all your spikes needs we recommend Lite Spikes.

Permissible To Use

Needles not allowed.






Sun Protection & Hydration

Please ensure you come prepared for training.  Apply sunscreen as required and stay hydrated throughout the training session.