Hurdles Coaching

Sprint hurdles is a beast of an event.  It takes speed, co-ordination, aggression and fearlessness.  Sprint hurdles is not for everyone and one of the main reasons for that is that there is a belief in the area that there are no hurdles coaches.  So parents give their children a run over the hurdles with little to absolutely no idea what they are doing and ultimately scare or even worse, injure their children when they face plant the track.

There is a safe and much better option in Albury when it comes to hurdles coaching.  You guessed it – Off Leash Athletics.

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We won’t run your child over full height, fully spaced hurdles until they have progressed through our hurdles training program and they are capable of doing it SAFELY.  This means there is a process we follow that takes time.  If you want your child running over hurdles in one session then go and see the other coaches and take plenty of band aids with you.

We don’t have many hurdlers in our squad, as I said, it is not an easy event.  Those we do have doing hurdles have done extremely well and have medalled at State level and competed at National level.  Our all round athlete development has seen Mikayla not only achieve State and National level success in the long and triple jump but also recently became the 2022 Athletics Victoria U16G State Champion.  Mikayla also won the bronze medal at the Athletics Australia Track & Field National Championships and is currently ranked at No. 3 in Australia for her age group.

U16G Athletics Victoria 90mH State Championship Event

Photo Credit – Take My Snap 

Photo Credit – Jazz Deol – Quads Of Fury